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At Rocky Mountain We Are Committed To The Success Of Our Members. We Aim To Help Everyone Willing To Learn And Try.  Rocky Mountain Krav Maga Serving Colorado Since 2006. Mountain CrossFit Serving Castle Rock Since 2008. Owners John & Jenny Have Over 35 Years Of Combined Industry Experience.

Invest In You! We Will, Try Two Weeks Of Training On Us!

What Our Members Have To Say

“By de-escalating fight scenarios, my boys have learned techniques to not only avoid conflict, but if unavoidable, how to remain calm with simultaneous attackers using the most effective strikes. Integrity is woven into the classes; so, it is not just about self-defense. Thanks John and Pam for being terrific role models and training my boys how to protect themselves and their families in the future!”
– Victoria C.

post2 “I’ve been a member for 4.5 years and still look forward to Krav days! After hundreds of workouts I can honestly say no two have ever been the same! I’m 58 years old and recommend RMSDF to anyone interested in fitness and more importantly self defense. John, Jenny and Pam are all good people who really care about their members!!”
– Mike R.

post2 “Wonderful community! The coaches are all very knowledgeable in their field and work great with every skill level. They have classes that fit into everyone’s schedule. I am a huge fan of their 6:00am Crossfit class :)”
– Tina S.

post2My wife and I started coming to the gym in September 2015. We chose Krav Maga and this gym because we could do this together. Since then my wife has started taking other classes here and almost left me behind. We love the teaching, the atmosphere, and great workouts. We really feel like we belong. After sitting at a desk all day, this makes me feel alive again.”

– Ben K.

A Member Driven Gym


“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”




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